I had a Zodiac robotic ..... absolute waste of money ..... everything got replaced on it ....it's dead in the shed!!!! Bought a Maytronics Dolphin ..... cost more but so far so good .... this summer was a bummer for leaves but it worked like a trogan.... worth every cent and helped to keep my water chemistry balanced .... Dazzling blue Pools at Burleigh is the shop to shop!!!!

- Rex, Pool Owner, South East Queensland

Thought I'd let you know it is fantastic. Wish I'd bought it a couple of years ago when I first saw it!

- Robert, Pool Owner, Sydney

I purchased a Dolphin Supreme M5 robotic pool cleaner about 12 months ago. It is the best pool cleaner I have EVER owned. I live in Australia and it handles the conditions with ease. The best investmentI have ever made for my pool.

- Joanne, Pool Owner, Perth

Works perfectly, it had no trouble at all with the beach entry stopping every time it got to the edge & reversed the other way. Going to be a great time saver, thanks for all your help!

- Guy, Pool Owner, Darwin

The pool has had minimal chemicals added to it and the pool has been clear as a bell. You would not believe the amount of suspended particulate that it removes from the pool. What a little gem. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anybody. If you want a crystal clean pool then go the Supreme!

- Greg, Pool Owner, St Ives, NSW

To reiterate my sentiments, the Dolphin pool cleaner is the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It is so labour saving, keeps the pool water crystal clear and does a wonderful job of replacing my husband!

- Anne-Marie, Pool Owner, Beaumaris VIC

Just a short note to let you know that I am extremely pleased that we purchased the Dolphin 2000 from your Company. It never gets stuck I highly recommend your product to all the pool owners.

- Harry, Glen Iris

I have had a dolphin for the last 8 years and need a new one. Unsure of my model but it was able to climb the walls and had a bag filter (underneath) also to help with filtration. I love the idea of the new S300i moving sideways to clean the walls and the top access to remove the screen. I have a leopard gumtree that drops leaves twice a year and I would be lost or not have a pool without this cleaner! It has been amazing!.

- B. Euler, Pool Owner, Queenlsand

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