Not ready for a FREE demo just yet?

Discover more about Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners


  • Obligation Free – we love our product and believe in it 100% so we want to show you how it can make your life easier
  • Under 30 minutes – you can ask us as many questions as you want about the Dolphin
  • No Trespassing – we know that you are busy so with your permission we will go straight through to your pool (through your back or side door so we don’t intrude) and get started so we can efficiently show you the perks of having a Dolphin as part of your family.
  • Any Day of the Week, Including Weekends – busy during the week juggling multiple jobs? Don’t sweat it, we will come to you when it suits you.
  • Independent Local Dealer – All our obligated free home demos are carried out by our network of local dealers to provide you with an exceptional product, service and support.

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